Windows 8 visible since December 11th, 2012 in Google Analytics

Just a small update from here (haven't been blogging for a while). If you're looking at the Windows 8 stats in your Google Analytics account you will see this graph:

windows 8

Last October I tweeted that Google Analytics was reporting "Windows 8" as "Windows NT". I like to think they read my tweet and changed this on December 11th 😉 Since the launch of Windows 8 on October 25th you see traffic for "Windows NT" suddenly rising until they changed it to "Windows 8".

In my opinion they did something wrong here as "Windows NT" was an existing Operating System before Windows 8 was launched. And it was also responsible for some traffic, but now it has ceased to exist:


Looks like someone at Google created a too greedy regular expression or something? It's interesting to see that Windows 8 is growing rapidly, although is not as accurate as we think because older Window NT visits are also reported as Windows 8.

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