Why submitting to searchengines doesn’t work

softwarebox-small.gifA part of you that came to this page just submitted there site to my fake Search-Submit© tool. For those who are not: you should have a go too 😉

Let's be clear about this: it's all bullshit. But people still want to be fooled by these scams, looking for the solution that brings in traffic with so less effort.

Why wouldn't this work?

  • Submitting to hundreds of searchengines? I only know a few that can deliver serious traffic, the rest is not important. Besides that: if you have some quality incoming links the searchengines will find your site by following them.
  • Within a few days or weeks on top ranks for whatever keyword you choose? If that was the case, what would all those SEO companies do all day?

The signals to recognize a shady service like mine 😉

  • When it's free and promising golden mountains, it's aimed at those who want to be on the front row for a dime (Dutch saying).
  • Guarantees for something that can't be garanteed at all.
  • Lots of customer experiences without a real URL to support those.
  • The product or service is offered on a pagerank 0 site that is nowhere to be found in Google for a few of his main keywords.
  • The company behind the product doesn't have a real address.
  • Too good to be true.

If I haven't convinced you yet to not do any business with these scammers: good luck. I hope you won't use such for your main source of revenue. And a good spamfilter for the email address you're using would be a good idea.

The actual submissions for my tool:

My goal with this tool is to protect people from doing any harm to their sites. Liked the tool? Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, or put a link on your site to the tool: "search submit".

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