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How to measure Site Speed or Web Performance

A very hot topic last year: site speed, web performance, site performance or whatever you want to call it (got better suggestions?). But how do you measure the speed of you own site? There are several tool that can measure the load times of your site, but which one is right?

First of all: what is Site Speed

The speed of a site is the time it takes from the moment a user navigates to your site (for example through a link) until the site is fully loaded and usable. But there are many factors in this period that helps keeping the visitor patient enough to wait for a full load. The first moment is the moment when the browser begins rendering a site: until that moment people have to look at a white screen where nothing happens. Then the site starts to appear on the screen bit by bit until he is usable. And the last stage is where all the images are loaded to make the site look complete.

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How to check real-time if a Google Analytics implementation works

Often I get questions about how you can tell if a Google Analytics implementation is successful. People don't want to wait at least 4 to in some cases 24 hours before they see some data... or not. That's why I will tell you how I check this seconds after the codes are placed.

How does the tracking work

Google Analytics uses pixel tracking technology to send data to the Google servers. That means that the GATC (Google Analytics Tracking Script) will put a little image on the page that is being tracked. The URL of this image looks like this:

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Een rondje tools en tips: iphone, sitespeed, testen en backups

Vorige week in San Francisco, of beter gezegd Mountain View mochten een aantal Google Analytics partners hun tools laten zien. Eentje daarvan viel me op en krijgt hier zijn eigen vermelding: BAM Analytics. Het is een iPhone app waarmee je heel makkelijk meerdere Google Analytics accounts kunt bekijken. De schermen zijn overzichtelijk en de app zit vol met allerlei functionaliteiten. Het is de eerste mobiele app voor Google Analytics die me positief verraste.

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Google Website Optimizer Calculator

Ik vond vanmiddag toevallig een tooltje die ik ooit gemaakt had op basis van Google's eigen Website Optimizer Duurcalculator. Waarom had ik die tool gemaakt? Omdat de tool van Google zelf in mijn ogen niet voldoet. Wat kun je dan met die tool? Berekenen hoe lang een A/B of multivariate test ongeveer gaat duren voor er statistisch significante resultaten zijn.

Google's Tool

De tool van google ziet er als volgt uit:

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