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Google starts hiding SEO keywords for privacy, but AdWords unaffected?

I can't believe it. Google just announced a new 'feature' for their search results pages. If a user is logged in he will be redirected to the secure (SSL) version of their search engine. The main reason (so they claim) is the user's privacy... when a user does a search and navigates to a site, that site will only be able to see it's a visitor from Google Organic...yes, without the keyword.

Why does this suck?

  • If Google really had a clear focus on a user's privacy they also wouldn't send the keyword along with an AdWords click (as Yoast tweets). Right now only half of the results are privacy-protected and the other (paid) half not.
  • Google claims it will not affect a lot of users, that could be right on average. But for some sites a lot of their target groups are logged in to their Google Analytics, Google Reader, Youtube, Gmail, etc. All those visitors will also be logged in on the search results, and that could mean serious loss of information about the used keywords.

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Kaas Drop Utrecht op pagina 1

kaasRare titel voor een blog zou je denken, maar dat is niet zonder reden. Ik werd onlangs door een pop quiz organiserende collega getipt over de volgende mail:

Steeds meer bedrijven ontdekken het gemak van de Lo...[knip] Bedrijfspagina. Op eenvoudige wijze trekken zij meer bezoekers op hun website zonder dure aanpassingen aan de eigen website te hoeven verrichten.

Zoek in Google eens op "kaas drop utrecht" en zie hoe Au Marché met haar Lo...[knip] Bedrijfspagina op de eerste pagina van de zoekresultaten verschijnt.

Wilt u ook meer klanten? Voor slechts € 99,- (ex BTW) heeft u een heel jaar lang uw eigen Lo...[knip] bedrijfspagina. Begin nu met profiteren en ga naar mijn bedrijf. Werkt deze link niet ga dan naar [knip]

Je krijgt dus eigenlijk (het staat er niet letterlijk) een soort garantie voor een pagina 1 resultaat en meer bezoekers op je site. Is dat zo?

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Why submitting to searchengines doesn’t work

softwarebox-small.gifA part of you that came to this page just submitted there site to my fake Search-Submit© tool. For those who are not: you should have a go too 😉

Let's be clear about this: it's all bullshit. But people still want to be fooled by these scams, looking for the solution that brings in traffic with so less effort.

Why wouldn't this work?

  • Submitting to hundreds of searchengines? I only know a few that can deliver serious traffic, the rest is not important. Besides that: if you have some quality incoming links the searchengines will find your site by following them.
  • Within a few days or weeks on top ranks for whatever keyword you choose? If that was the case, what would all those SEO companies do all day?

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