Small site? Raise your page load time calculation sample to 100%

A quick post about a new feature Google released quietly: it's possible to raise your site speed sample rate from 10% to 100% if you want. Especially small sites can take advantage of this. How often have you seen this:

A very low sample of pageviews where a page load time calculation is done. This leads to a very bumpy graph in actual page load times. And that is very annoying if you want to analyze your "bring my page load time down" efforts, You can only significantly say something about it if you have at least a week of data. And we all want to see results right away 😉

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Is the doNotTrack header everyone’s privacy protector?

Firefox offers a setting to their user to specifically tell websites that they do not want to be tracked. It's in the "privacy" tab in the "options" menu:

The setting itself doesn't do a thing, it only tells websites they do not want to be tracked. The websites still have to build in code to obey this setting... I did not, for now, and did track those people to see how many people used it. I used this code in my Google Analytics tracking:
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Why I love the new Goal Flows in Google Analytics

Last October Google added a cool feature to their Analytics suite called Goal Flows. That feature is really amazing and helped my find a lot of 'problems' in several sites. Back in the old days we had the old funnel that looked like this:


It was a very helpful funnel that provided some insights in the way people went through an ordering process. But there were also some huge problems with this funnel:

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