Live Visual Website Optimizer variant switcher

Have you ever launched a multi-variate test with the Visual Website Optimizer. And did you want to review all the variants in the test in all browsers? Or do you want to analyze all the variants another site is testing when you see a VWO test being executed? I bring you the magic 😉 With my new VWO-Variant-Switcher© it's easy to view all variants.

How does it work

In the toolbars of all my browsers I have this little button:

When I click on it when I'm on a page that is running a live test this popup shows up:

By altering the combination I can put myself in another variant of the test. Just refresh the page and the chosen combination will show up.

How to create this button

Create a new bookmark called "VWO Variant Switcher" or whatever name you find suitable. Then edit the URL the bookmark is pointing to:

And change it to:

javascript:var%20names="Combinations%20in%20test:\r\n\r\n"; if(typeof%20_vwo_exp_ids=="object"){for(x%20in%20_vwo_exp[_vwo_exp_ids[0]].comb_n) {names=names+x+"%20=%20"+_vwo_exp[_vwo_exp_ids[0]].comb_n[x]+"\r\n"; }};function%20readCookie(name){var%20nameEQ=name+"="; var%20ca=document.cookie.split(';'); for(var%20i=0;i<ca.length;i++){var%20c=ca[i]; while(c.charAt(0)=='%20')c=c.substring(1,c.length); if(c.indexOf(nameEQ)==0)return%20c.substring(nameEQ.length,c.length); };return%20null;}; if(typeof%20_vis_opt_experiment_id!="undefined"){var%20id=_vis_opt_experiment_id; var%20cv=unescape(readCookie("_vis_opt_exp_"+id+"_combi")); txt=prompt(names+"\r\n\r\nChoose%20combination:",cv); if(txt!=null){_vis_opt_createCookie("_vis_opt_exp_"+id+"_combi",txt,100); }}else{alert("No%20live%20experiment%20on%20this%20page.");}; void(0);

That's all. Enjoy testing and viewing.

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