How to work with multiple currencies in Google Analytics

Google launched a new feature in their ecommerce module that helps international sites in tracking their worldwide revenues. Until now every single site that worked with multiple currencies had to implement some sort of curreny-converter script to get all revenues in the same currency. This is a very time consuming and expensive action that needs constant attention. As of today this is all history.

Google implemented a new feature that can convert the local currency to the currency you specified in your profile settings:


The currencies you see in this pulldown are also the ones Google can convert. This is linked to the Google Billing product that has the latest currency conversion rates for these countries.

The code

If you want to track multiple currencies you have to add 1 extra line in your ecommerce tracking:

_gaq.push(['_set', 'currencyCode', 'EUR']);

This line needs to be in front of the trackTrans line, and that's all. In stead of 'EUR' you can use one of the other code listed here.

The reports

It's also good to know Google added the local revenues as metrics to the custom reports so you can see the numbers from a local perspective also:


Nice move from Google. What do you think? Is the conversion rate Google pulls from it's own server convenient, or are you using other ways to handle this 'problem'?

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2 thoughts on “How to work with multiple currencies in Google Analytics

  1. Hey André,

    I think this is once again a nice feature to make Analytice even more professional. Google has such a fast development that the other solution providers (e. g. Webtrend) will get in trouble the next months.


  2. Thank you. For multiple currencies, do you add a separate line for each currency required? e.g
    _gaq.push(['_set', 'currencyCode', 'GBP']);
    _gaq.push(['_set', 'currencyCode', 'EUR']);
    _gaq.push(['_set', 'currencyCode', 'USD']);

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