How to export more than 500 rows in new Google Analytics interface

Since the start of the new Google Analytics version (V5) we're unable to export more than 500 rows to for instance Excel. I figured there must be a solution to raise that number to 10.000 or more, so I started coding.

In the old Google Analytics there was the "&limit=10000" parameter that you could add to the export URL. In the new interface you can select the amount of rows below the table:

And after everything is loaded you can export those 500 with the usual export button.

The all new and improved method

Today I invented (copied) the code that is needed to export more than 500 rows without showing 10.000 rows on your screen first (as explained here). Create a bookmark and set this as the URL:

javascript:function post_andre(params){var form = document.createElement("form"); form.setAttribute("method","post"); form.setAttribute("action","exportReport"); for(var key in params){var hiddenField = document.createElement("input"); hiddenField.setAttribute("type","hidden"); hiddenField.setAttribute("name",key); hiddenField.setAttribute("value",params[key]); form.appendChild(hiddenField);} document.body.appendChild(form);form.submit();}var rowcount=prompt("Amount of rows (10-10000):","100"); hashes=unescape(location.hash).split("/"); date0=hashes[3].substr(hashes[3].indexOf(".date00")+8,8); date1=hashes[3].substr(hashes[3].indexOf(".date01")+8,8); post_andre({'_.date00':date0, '_.date01':date1, 'explorer-table.rowStart':'0', 'explorer-table.rowCount':rowcount+'', 'id':hashes[1], 'ds':hashes[2], 'ef':'TSV', 'exportUrl':location.href});

When you click on the bookmark it will ask you how many rows you want, and the download starts rightaway.

Notes: for now only the TSV format works, and it's only tested in Firefox and Chrome on several reports. No guarantees 😉

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