How to export more than 500 rows in new Google Analytics interface

Since the start of the new Google Analytics version (V5) we're unable to export more than 500 rows to for instance Excel. I figured there must be a solution to raise that number to 10.000 or more, so I started coding.

In the old Google Analytics there was the "&limit=10000" parameter that you could add to the export URL. In the new interface you can select the amount of rows below the table:

And after everything is loaded you can export those 500 with the usual export button.

The all new and improved method

Today I invented (copied) the code that is needed to export more than 500 rows without showing 10.000 rows on your screen first (as explained here). Create a bookmark and set this as the URL:

javascript:function post_andre(params){var form = document.createElement("form"); form.setAttribute("method","post"); form.setAttribute("action","exportReport"); for(var key in params){var hiddenField = document.createElement("input"); hiddenField.setAttribute("type","hidden"); hiddenField.setAttribute("name",key); hiddenField.setAttribute("value",params[key]); form.appendChild(hiddenField);} document.body.appendChild(form);form.submit();}var rowcount=prompt("Amount of rows (10-10000):","100"); hashes=unescape(location.hash).split("/"); date0=hashes[3].substr(hashes[3].indexOf(".date00")+8,8); date1=hashes[3].substr(hashes[3].indexOf(".date01")+8,8); post_andre({'_.date00':date0, '_.date01':date1, 'explorer-table.rowStart':'0', 'explorer-table.rowCount':rowcount+'', 'id':hashes[1], 'ds':hashes[2], 'ef':'TSV', 'exportUrl':location.href});

When you click on the bookmark it will ask you how many rows you want, and the download starts rightaway.

Notes: for now only the TSV format works, and it's only tested in Firefox and Chrome on several reports. No guarantees 😉

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  • Mark Bovenkerk

    Dit zijn hele nuttige tips. Versie vijf heeft wel meer nadelen t.o.v. De vorige versie. Zo werkt de filter copy plugin in Firefox niet in versie vijf. Weet je daar iets op?

    Ga je tip in deze post gelijk gebruiken!

  • Wanneer je 500 regels selecteert krijg je vervolgens het volgende achter de url:

    Wanneer je de rowCount aanpast van 500 naar 1000 dan worden er meer rijen geselecteerd.
    dus dan krijg je:

    Dit werkt voor mij in Firefox en in Chrome. Maar qua performance kun je er niet over naar huis toe schrijven.

    • Die oplossing werkt niet lekker voor 30.000 rijen, dan loopt je hele browser vast.

      • Ja performance is echt ruk. Maar voor een paar rijtjes kun je het wel toepassen. Anders gewoon een excel plugin gebruiken ofzo 🙂

      • of jouw bookmark functie 😉

  • Suzanne


    This problem adresses specifically the navigation summary report. By using the '&limit=10000-hack' it was possible in the old GA version to export in (in CSV format) more than the 10 previous and next pages that are shown in the interface. Is there a work around for version 5 to retrieve all the data from the navigation summary report? The bookmark-method described above only works when there is an option in the report interface to show more than 10 rows (selection box with: 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500). Thanks very much in advance for your help!

    • Hi Susanne, I did some tests, but I can't get more than 10 lines from that report. The new visitor-flow reports can show me more than those 10, but they can't be exported either.

      • Suzanne

        Ho André,

        Thank you for your quick respons!

        That was exactly my conclusion, also with regard to the recently added visitor-flow report. Which ever way you go about it, the results seem to be limited at ten.

        The only thing that stems hopefull is the fact that it was (and still is) possible to retrieve all the available data in the old GA version. Maybe a work around will soon be implemented.

        Otherwise I may have to turn to the GA-API. Which for now seems to be a rather complicated solution for a relatively small problem...

        Again thank you for your effort.

  • Thanks ! It will be very useful 🙂
    It works very well on Chrome 15 and the New GA.

  • Hello André,

    Thanks for this post, your trick is awesome 🙂 !

    Very useful if you you need to export data now and again. I guess if you do regular exports it's better to use the API (I've heard this tip was bad for GA servers).

    Very nice blog by the way ! Thanks for writing in english. I think this is a very good idea. I've started my own blog in French but I might try writing in english one day because Web Analytics community is wordwide 🙂 !


  • Wendy

    Hey, this only seems to work for the Site Usage reports. I can't get it to work for Ecommerce at keyword level :/

    • Davidh

      I also would love to see this work for ecommerce reports!

  • Dries

    Hi André. How did you find the actual code? Inspecting the element? Just curious.

    • Yep, I checked what the standard button does and copied it to create my own code.

  • Thnx for your post. Very, very useful. However, I had forgotten how to create bookmarks in FF. Therefore see detailed steps in my (Dutch) post All credits to Andre !!!

  • Annemarie

    Hoi André,

    Voor de standaardrapporten werkt dit als een zonnetje, alleen bij de aangepaste rapporten werkt dit bij mij niet :-(. Heb je hier ook een oplossing voor?

  • Very useful post, but there is still a limit of 50.000 keywords then. I can export the first 50.000 keywords, but how can I export the keywords from 50.000 - 100.000?

  • Amazing! Thank you so much - had a work around in the old version of analytics, and this is so simple and beautiful.

  • Dam


    thanks for the function but I've problem with custom Variables.

    Is there a way to export the custom variables?



  • Dennis

    This is soooo awesome 🙂 Well done with this one.

    Can you work out a script that will also export the secondary dimension data?

  • dam


    about custom Variables i made this:

    • dam

      can anyone help me?


  • Dennis

    Oh its Waaaaaaaaay easier than this.

    Just search through the URL and find where it says:


    change it to:


    or 10000
    or 100000

    Press enter.

    Feel like a boss.

    • That's not easier, if you select 50.000 rows your browser will probably crash because he has to display all those rows first. My solution doesn't do that.

  • James

    Thank you so much for this bookmark. I was getting really annoyed trying to load huge tables and my computer got very hot and bothered!

  • Michael Karg

    Thanks for that script. If you want to download more than 10.000 Keywords you can use this extension, which allows entering of a start index (i.e. 10.000 for the second chunk).
    javascript:function post_andre(params){var form = document.createElement("form"); form.setAttribute("method","post"); form.setAttribute("action","exportReport");for(var key in params){var hiddenField = document.createElement("input"); hiddenField.setAttribute("type","hidden"); hiddenField.setAttribute("name",key); hiddenField.setAttribute("value",params[key]); form.appendChild(hiddenField);} document.body.appendChild(form);form.submit();}var rowcount=prompt("Amount of rows (10-10000):","100"); var rowstart=prompt("Start of rows:","0"); hashes=unescape(location.hash).split("/"); date0=hashes[3].substr(hashes[3].indexOf(".date00")+8,8); date1=hashes[3].substr(hashes[3].indexOf(".date01")+8,8); post_andre({'_.date00':date0, '_.date01':date1, 'explorer-table.rowStart':rowstart, 'explorer-table.rowCount':rowcount+'', 'id':hashes[1], 'ds':hashes[2], 'ef':'TSV', 'exportUrl':location.href});

  • Viking Signs

    Thanks so much for this. So helpful and just what I needed. Now I can go and dig into some nice search data.

  • Ruth

    Just discovered this, thanks, it's really useful! I can see me using this a lot! I can't quite get it to work on the navigation summary report though. Looking to export more than the 500 next page path urls and it seems to export the urls within the current selection. Any ideas?

    • Google upgraded their max 500 rows to 5000 rows in the pulldown menu, perhaps that's enough for you in this case?

      • Ruth

        Thanks that would be enough, however it only gives the option for me to view up to 500 in the dropdown. I'll look into it thanks!