Hello World!

An appropriate title for a new and refreshed blog, don't you think? At least, my focus was always on the Dutch speaking part of the world, and now I'm targeting the whole world (the English speaking part).

For people who don't know me, and there are a lot of them 😉 I once wrote some blogs on my friend Yoast his site. They were about tracking SEO rankings with Google Analytics. And it was reasonably succesful, I almost got a Semmy for it. Other cool thing is my Search Submit© tool, you must absolutely check it out.

The site still needs some work, some speed tweaks and some translation. The most popular Dutch articles will be translated to new English ones, the rest will stay in Dutch. And I already have some cool new posts queued up, ready to hit the RSS scrapers 😉

So, what do you think? Do you like the new design and the new logo?

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13 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Nice refreshing website! Cant wait to see some new Posts from you..
    Do you have any tips for the certification programs of Google adwords and analytics for passing exams?


  2. Do we now also have to react in english? 🙂

    Looks nice but you have to do some fixing for IE7. Also clicking on your buttons give a JavaScript error.

    Your alt text for your main logo is "AskIt Logo".
    Seo wise i dont understand that you use a image for the text "SEO an Site Speed". Its not indexed now but you know that ofcours 😉

    That"Search-Submit" is scarry! Its really from the past to send your website automaticly to all search engines. I know that you get a lot of spam for free in your mailbox.

    Good luck with the website! And hope to see some nice articles this year!

    1. @Bjorn: you're absolutely right, but SEO wise I didn't do the best job here. The same goes for the site-speed. My first priority was to get the new site live.

  3. Looks great André.

    I might call you in the near future for WA Training here at Bonobos. Interested?

    Wish you all the best with you're new adventure 🙂

    Grtz. Sjaak

  4. Nice new look-n-feel for your site. I really like the whitespace.
    I like your new logo, too, although I'd prefer the A with an additional vertical bar.

    Good luck with your site. It seems you've taken another professional step. It makes me wonder how long it will take for it to become a SEOMOZ sized site. 🙂

  5. Love the new design. Next change must be the box (picture) of the search submit. All kinds of dutch sites on the cover, no shadow effects.

  6. Hee André,
    Nice and crisp look! Like it 😀 Also happy to see my website-url still being there ;-).
    Good luck with your new style and reaching a broader audience, you can do it!

    Like you, I'm soon having a redesigned website online...I get your excitement with doing such thing!


  7. Hi André,

    I like the new design a lot! It feels a bit strange to write in English on your site but I bet everyone will get used to it. I'm wondering if the language change will also attract new international visitors.
    Maybe you should change the old category names and redirect them. You could change Divers to Miscellaneous or something, it doesn't look like a post about divers to me. 🙂

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