Google Analytics updates interface and adds some new features

It looks like Google is rolling out some new features in Google Analytics. There isn't an official statement/blog about it, but after some digging I found these new features:

New graph formats on the dashboards

There are 2 new types of graphs you can choose on your dashboard:


The Geomap and Bar are new. The Geomap is a known report that was available for quit a while in the normal reports. But on the dashboard it's a welcome addition. The Bar is new and looks like this:


You have several options like stacking bars together, pivot by a specific dimension, add axis-labels, etc. Also new is the feature to change the layout of the dashboard:


Segmentation for dashboard

On the grey menu there's the "Advanced Segments" button. That means you can apply segments to your dashboards:


This makes it easy to analyse your favorite numbers (those are always on your dasboard, right 😉 ) and to segment them real fast to dig in further.

Home and Reporting menu are combined

In the 'old' interface the normal reporting module and the home section where separate items. Google choose to combine them into one single menu:


All reports like the Real Time module, the dashboard and standard reports are in one menu on the left side. The custom reports stay in the top orange bar. This orange bar stays on top of the screen right now, even if you scroll down. Google also change the look and feel of the accounts dropdown:


The menu is slightly redesigned and contains a "Recent profiles" section.

Did I miss something?

These changes where the ones I could find, anyone else seeing some more changes I missed? Please add them in the comments.

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  1. i realy like the layout options, this way you can create a much simpler version for clients who do not appreciate to much info at once. And have good overview for those that have 24 inch screens

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