Google Analytics introduces a Change History log

Great news, my buddy Tim Bakker told me Google introduced a new Change History feature. And when you login to your analytics account you will see this message:


With this new feature you will be able to see which account changed what to your account. This includes:

  • Accounts: created, deleted
  • Users: added, deleted, changed
  • Goals: created, deleted, changed
  • Filters: created, deleted, changed

In one word: awesome. From now on you can see if the requested goal changes are processed by your Web Analytics consultant. Or who applied a filter that blocked all data from a specific profile.

The log will be on account level, and you will find this new feature here:


It isn't clear when this new feature will be available to everyone, but as always, it should be there in a few weeks.

Wanted extra feature

A lot of my clients are using 1 single email address to log on to their accounts. The main reason for that is that they all see the same profiles, dashboards, custom reports and advanced segments. This interferes with the idea of the new Change Log, perhaps Google should also introduce an option for Advanced Segments and Custom Reports to share them on account level for all users. Then everybody can use its own login.

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5 thoughts on “Google Analytics introduces a Change History log

  1. Nice post! It really comes in handy to know when what happened to a certain profile. I used to drop a line within annotations, but this makes it a lot easier.

    About your last point. Google Analytics is an awesome free tool, we all know that. But there are still things I would love to see different. Things like user management, sharing dashboard & reports. Take the dashboard for example. You can share them, but once you change something, you have to send the new version again to everybody you shared it with. But we talked about this more than once :D. I think we just have to wait and see.

  2. Is it also possible to delete information, for example: delete changes/filters a user made?

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