Create a real time error monitoring Google Analytics dashboard

Today Google officially launched the real-time widgets for use on the Google Analytics dashboards. Awesome feature that can make real-time analytics a bit more useful than it was before. These are the new widgets (the second row) you can use to visualize real-time stuff:


The great news is: you are able to put filters on these widgets... really awesome. Google has a more extensive description about all new possibilities, but here's an example I would use these features for.

The error tracking dashboard

Be sure you track your 404 (page not found) and 500 (server error) pages in Google Analytics. Give those pages a unique identifier like "(404)" in the page title or "404.html" in the URL. By having that unique identifier you are able to filter them in the new "Error" dashboard. Here's my example:


You see the total amount of visitors, and the ones on a 404 page. With this dashboard on a TV in a central place in the company you are able to monitor real-time how many people see a 404 or 500 page. And you are able to fix it fast in stead of discovering it the day after.

Extra example: real-time add-to-cart monitoring

Another client told me they used the real-time dashboard (before they had the widgets) to monitor how an online sale went. The sale lasted until 23:00 (11:00 PM), and that evening they were watching the amount of real-time add-to-carts. And it looked like this:


A lot of people where putting things in their basket at the moment the sale would end, so they decided to stretch the sale just for 30 minutes. In that extra half an hour they made some good revenue. What if they hadn't used the real-time data? They would never know what they lost and what they could have earned.

Fresh addition: realtime sales/conversions

Another client just mailed me and told me they put the "visitors on thank you page" as a widget on their dashboards. That way you can see real-time how many conversions happen right now! Great addition.

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3 thoughts on “Create a real time error monitoring Google Analytics dashboard

  1. Goed artikel André. Kun je wellicht precies aangeven hoe je dit error dashboard kunt aanmaken in Analytics?

    1. Dat is een beetje lastig, aangezien je een filter moet maken voor je zogenaamde error pagina. Dat kan alles met "/site_error" zijn of "404.html", dat is voor elke site weer anders. Probeer er wat mee te spelen en kijk of het lukt. Voor vragen kun je altijd mailen.

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