Adobe makes it easy to remove and block Flash cookies

Adobe is rolling out a new version of their Flash player (10.3) that makes it easy to remove and block your Flash cookies. In the old days (yesterday before my update) we had this menu (right-click on a Flash object):

But as of the new update we have an extra option. If you right-click on a Flash object you see this new option called "Global Settings" that brings you to this menu:

In the middle are three radioboxes that allow you to block all Flash cookies if you want. And there's a "Delete All" option that makes it easy to delete them.

It's a good thing to give users more control over these Flash cookies, often they are used to create non-removable cookies. Clever webdevelopers are able to create scripts that can restore removed browser cookies by copying the Flash cookies to a normal cookie. This is also called respawning cookies or zombie cookies (because a deleted browser cookie is back again on browser reload). And this is kind of a privacy thing, because users are not able to decide themselves which sites may track them.

Happy deleting 😉

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